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Dedicated to your business

Zipcar can offer a range of tailor-made solutions perfect for your business.

Tailor-made mobility solutions for your business

As the world’s leading car club, Zipcar has the solution to suit your business...

Dedicated vehicles

Decidated vehicle(s) for your team to use specified times or 24/7.

Full Fleet Management Solutions

Included in all Zipcar tailored packages or installed on your existing fleet. 

Employee Affiliate Program

Give your employees great discounts on Zipcar membership. 

Site to site mobility

Need to move your employees from each of your sites, we have the solution. Dedicated Zipcars based from each location, for your staff to use on demand.

Employee affiliate programmes

Get your whole team zipping

A Z4B affiliate plan allows your team to drive Zipcar for work and personally for lower than standard weekday and weekend rates. With over 1600 cars accross London, it's great for when your staff need access to a car in the city, both in and out of work



Corporate Social Responsibility

Adopting car sharing can contribute to reduction of a company's environmental impact.

The 21st century business must consider thier environmental impact, in order to promote sustainable growth. Zipcar is no different, our aim is to provide an alternative mobility option, which ultimately reduces congestion and carbon emissions from automotive vehicles.

Each Zipcar takes around 13 personal vehicles off the road and siginificantly reduces carbon emissions. By joining Zipcar and supporting your staff to adopt car sharing, your company is contributing to this movement and strengthening its Corporate Social Resposibility.

Existing Customers

Companies that have already adopted car sharing...

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